Wednesday, July 31, 2013

PA Guild Fine Craft Fair

Happy Wednesday everyone! Can you believe its August...TOMORROW! Please somebody tell me, where did the summer go??

Anyway, I had a pretty fun and productive weekend! I got the privilege to help/assist my wonderfully talented friend Nicolette Absil at the 7th Annual Pennsylvania Guild Fine Craft Fair!

She was 1 of over 190 craftsman from around the US that exhibited. Pretty awesome, right?! I am so proud of her! This was her second show ever and she did such an amazing job!  

If you're local and you'd like to get your hands on some of Nicolette's beautiful handmade jewelry you can see her at the next Pennsylvania Guild Fine Craft Fair on October 11-13 at Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia.

I got a pair of thank you earrings that I just love! I wish I worked in an office so I could wear them everyday, but I do try to wear them every chance I get. Thanks Nicolette!!!!

I did get to sneak away for a bit to check out the rest of the show. There were tons of exhibitors and demonstrations. It was really something!

 After walking around a bit I found quilters!! I had no idea quilting was considered Fine Craft! I'm sure there was more, but I came across 2 textile artists that had some pretty outstanding work.

The first was Fulton Design Studio. I just loved their booth! Wife and husband duo Jan and Gary Fulton make amazing art quilts and table linens inspired by nature. 

They use mostly batiks which I think lends to the vibrancy of their work. I got to talk with Jan for a bit and she gave me some great ideas on technique and process! For more information about Fulton Design Studio visit their website here!

Next was Lorac Designs. Quilt artist Carol Heisler creates beautiful one of a kind quilts using great imagination and color theory. 

As her website states she has developed an innovative style that blends precise realism with abstract expressionism, which I totally agree! She has been featured in numerous magazines and galleries across the US. Most outstanding of Carol's booth was Carol herself! 

She had such a great personality and warmth about her I could have stayed and chatted all day! For more information about Lorac Designs visit their website here!

All in all it was a pretty good time. I hope I can help Nicolette at the next show! I really love getting to see/meet all the amazing craftsman and artists. It makes me hopeful that people continue to appreciate art and the importance of handmade work. Maybe one day I'll be the one exhibiting! But until then I'll be happy just supporting!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Around here

Its been summer lazy days around here. With how hot it has been, I come home from work and all I want to do is flop on the couch and sleep. Luckily though, I have managed to muster up enough energy to get considerably far with my latest project.

I started this way back! I actually bought the fabric for it over 2 years ago! Its Aviary 2 in granite by Joel Dewberry. I so love this fabric! Its absolutely gorgeous! For the background I used my staple Kona in black and medium grey. I think they work well together.

When I saw Heather Mulder Peterson's pattern Spanish Tiles in her Living Large 2 book, I knew it would be the perfect choice. I just love this pattern! It is so sophisticated just a perfect compliment to Joel's fabric.

I'd have to say I really enjoyed this pattern. There were a lot of pieces and bias edges on the sashing parts, but somehow it all managed to come out square and happy!

At this point it was a breeze. All the pieces just flew together!

Caught me!!! Thank you to my fearless companion for keeping me company while I sewed this puppy together last night. You're the best honey!

And we're done! Well not quite yet. I still have to add borders, but I just had to share my progress! I really wasn't sure how this was going to turn out but now that I see it all together I am really happy with it.

More to come soon! But if you just can't wait, you can follow me on Instagram for the latest on this and many many many other projects and adventures! :D Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Okay so I swear I'm still alive. Just a quick post to claim my blog on bloglovin. Sorry guys. 

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I promise I'll post again soon. I want to share some progress on my current project just haven't gotten the energy to write about it. Those lazy summer days...... :D

Enjoy some cats in a suit case!