Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blog Revival?


All I can really say is wow it has been some time. Is there anyone even still out there??? Anyone even reading this silly blog of mine?

 I don't want to make apologies or talk about how I meant to do one thing or another. Can I be honest? The truth is I just didn't feel like blogging anymore. It was tiring, making sure every post was perfect, all the editing and proofreading, blah blah.....I found Instagram and everything changed. But now with IG going to a different format I may return to blogging. But here's the thing....there are going to be some changes around here.

If I do any posts they will be short. Borrowing from the ease of IG I will maybe post one or two pictures and make quick comments about them and that's it. I really like the documentation process and sharing my hobby with the world. So it is definitely not something I want to give up totally. But if its going to work I need to make it work for me.

Hope you all understand. Thanks for bearing with me. This is going to be fun!