Sunday, July 24, 2016

So Close!!!

I really can't believe we only have just a few days left before we move back to Jersey! I kind of don't feel the panic anymore which is a good thing... I guess. Friday was my last day at work. They threw me a going away party which was so nice of them.

I'm going to miss that crazy bunch! :'(

Justin and I are in pack mode now which consists of us putting a few things in a box and then sitting on the couch for 30 minutes or longer. We pick up the moving truck on Wednesday. At this rate I'll have the panic back in no time. But we've done so much already! Look see!

Its not pretty but in the end it all just has to get in the truck and make it 1000 miles. Which in the grand scheme on things is not as daunting at it sounds. Were pro packers!!! I am more worried about the cat. Though she seems right at home in the litter box. So that's good.

Friday, July 8, 2016

T-Minus 3 Weeks and Counting

Welp, we're in the home stretch people! Things are winding down around here. I am finally getting around to scheduling utility shutoffs, organizing a bit and packing up some things. You know all the good adulting stuff. Unfortunately though, I am starting to feel the surge of stress moving brings. Sort of in grumpy moods most of the time as I obsess over the many things that still need to happen all in a short amount of time. Not to mention the logistics of getting Justin, Penny(our kitty), myself, and all of our crap 1000 miles north.

And then there's the separation anxiety. I guess we should be used to it by now considering this will be the third BIG move in three years. But it always gets to me no matter how good we have it down. I also always feel a little sad when we leave a place. There is actually a quote that best describes this feeling:

"You will never be completely at home again, because part of your 
heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the 
richness of loving and knowing people in more then one place."

                                                                                       - Miriam Adeney

I get sad about leaving the place as it holds wonderful memories and experiences but it is more of the people I miss most. It is much easier to leave a place if you don't really know anyone there. But being the social person I am one of the first things I need to do when moving to a new place is meet awesome people! I have met and made friends with so many AMAZING people over the last couple of years. And I am so thankful and grateful to have them in my life. Though I have remained in touch with most of them(some more then others) the physical disconnect puts a strain on the relationship that no amount of letters, emails or phone calls can keep whole. Though the correspondence helps it is just the unfortunate reality of being thousands of miles apart. I can't just call them to hang out or grab a bite to eat. But there is an upside to this though! I get to look forward to reuniting with my friends in the future. The potential to one day share a cup of coffee and chat with them once again almost makes up for all the time spent away.

I guess I shouldn't spend time dwelling on the sad parts of this transition but rather looking forward to the future. Only good things can come our way! That's not to say there won't be trying times. But for the first time in my life I can say that this is the most confident I have ever felt about a decision. Sure I am going to miss Florida and everyone here that I made a connection with but if we never came here I would have never had the opportunities and experiences this past year gave me. So no regrets and no looking back.

Now if only the house would pack itself........ :P

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Flowchart for Everything!

Has a month really gone by already!?! With Justin and I still working and living in Florida things are pretty much exactly as they were. Counting down the weeks/days though!!! We have begun packing and selling some of our larger furniture off. Hopefully, this will get things a bit more organized and lighten our load for the journey back to NJ. Funny that it seems I am having an easier time letting everything go then I thought I would. Though my cleaning method has always gone as follows:

(Btw I totally just found out you can make flowcharts in Word and I'm doing it for everything now! I'm such a nerd!)

But it's pretty simple and all together liberating. It feels amazing not being tied down by stuff. And it's even better when Craigslist people give you money for it! Though that's more of Justin's thing. I really have no problem donating or throwing away things. But because of his lucrative way of giving them up we have paid for our moving truck two or three times over now which is fantastic! I'm really quite shocked. Road trip snacks will be had I tell you!!

I really can't wait to get this all going. The camper is just waiting for us in NJ and I'm so excited to customize it and really make it our own. We are freaking home owners you guys!!!! Just so cool. I really never thought I would be able to afford  a home and here I am getting ready to move into it and then see the country with it! A dream come true!

Well that's it for now. Stay tuned for more exciting posts ahead (sorry it is so boring now I promise it will get better!)

Have an awesome week!!!!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Full Cirlce

I just want to get something straight. When I started this blog I had all the best intentions. I wanted to travel, sew and just love life. My now finance and I had bought an RV back in 2013 and I wanted to go on the road and share my love of sewing and crafting alongside our adventures to new and exciting places. Hence the Sew Nomadic name! Then for whatever reason we hit a wall. It turned out we just wanted out of New Jersey. We sold the RV and took off for Utah in a more conventional manner. Granted this was still a very extreme move. Quite the culture shock. The change was nice.
But the feeling never went away. That feeling of wanderlust. Wanting to be free, to travel and explore and see new things. To live life to its fullest. Every time I watch one of those movies, you know, like Wild or The Way or Into the Wild, I just want to sell everything quit my job and go. Maybe buying the RV was some desperate attempt at a hail Mary that we thought would save us. Were we crazy? stupid? irresponsible? Or brilliant? I could almost kick our past selves for not sticking with it because honestly it would have been great.

I always say to my mother there has to be another way. I don't want cookie cutter, I never did. I was never one that fit the mold and every time I find myself squeezing into it I lose a little more of myself. Why is it that life seems so scripted. You go to school, to get a good job, to get married, to get a house, to have babies and fall further and further into debt and self loathing. Maybe some people really love this kind of thing but none of that seems attractive to me. Life doesn't have to play out like that. And I understand that even if you do follow the more conventional path that your life wouldn't be bad its just not what I want. So this leads me back to the beginning.

We still talk about it constantly.

Here we are almost 4 years later and we are still talking about selling everything, buying an RV/camper and just taking off. Its what we wanted all along and it feels right in my bones. I can't get over just how logical this seems, for us anyway. So here's to a re-beginning. Our mulligan if you will. I would love it if you'd join me on this now familiar adventure just one more time. There's just one catch, no more script, no more tireless editing and no more BS. You're getting it all good, bad and ugly. Its going to be a blast!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blog Revival?


All I can really say is wow it has been some time. Is there anyone even still out there??? Anyone even reading this silly blog of mine?

 I don't want to make apologies or talk about how I meant to do one thing or another. Can I be honest? The truth is I just didn't feel like blogging anymore. It was tiring, making sure every post was perfect, all the editing and proofreading, blah blah.....I found Instagram and everything changed. But now with IG going to a different format I may return to blogging. But here's the thing....there are going to be some changes around here.

If I do any posts they will be short. Borrowing from the ease of IG I will maybe post one or two pictures and make quick comments about them and that's it. I really like the documentation process and sharing my hobby with the world. So it is definitely not something I want to give up totally. But if its going to work I need to make it work for me.

Hope you all understand. Thanks for bearing with me. This is going to be fun!