Sunday, July 24, 2016

So Close!!!

I really can't believe we only have just a few days left before we move back to Jersey! I kind of don't feel the panic anymore which is a good thing... I guess. Friday was my last day at work. They threw me a going away party which was so nice of them.

I'm going to miss that crazy bunch! :'(

Justin and I are in pack mode now which consists of us putting a few things in a box and then sitting on the couch for 30 minutes or longer. We pick up the moving truck on Wednesday. At this rate I'll have the panic back in no time. But we've done so much already! Look see!

Its not pretty but in the end it all just has to get in the truck and make it 1000 miles. Which in the grand scheme on things is not as daunting at it sounds. Were pro packers!!! I am more worried about the cat. Though she seems right at home in the litter box. So that's good.

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