Monday, June 20, 2016

A Flowchart for Everything!

Has a month really gone by already!?! With Justin and I still working and living in Florida things are pretty much exactly as they were. Counting down the weeks/days though!!! We have begun packing and selling some of our larger furniture off. Hopefully, this will get things a bit more organized and lighten our load for the journey back to NJ. Funny that it seems I am having an easier time letting everything go then I thought I would. Though my cleaning method has always gone as follows:

(Btw I totally just found out you can make flowcharts in Word and I'm doing it for everything now! I'm such a nerd!)

But it's pretty simple and all together liberating. It feels amazing not being tied down by stuff. And it's even better when Craigslist people give you money for it! Though that's more of Justin's thing. I really have no problem donating or throwing away things. But because of his lucrative way of giving them up we have paid for our moving truck two or three times over now which is fantastic! I'm really quite shocked. Road trip snacks will be had I tell you!!

I really can't wait to get this all going. The camper is just waiting for us in NJ and I'm so excited to customize it and really make it our own. We are freaking home owners you guys!!!! Just so cool. I really never thought I would be able to afford  a home and here I am getting ready to move into it and then see the country with it! A dream come true!

Well that's it for now. Stay tuned for more exciting posts ahead (sorry it is so boring now I promise it will get better!)

Have an awesome week!!!!!!