Saturday, December 22, 2012

So many Santas

The count down to Christmas continues! In a mad dash to make some Christmasy things, I whipped up these Santa ornaments this afternoon. They will be gifts for the fam. I received one of these guys as a gift from a co-worker and mocked up my own pattern from it. Here's the original.

In the haste of making, I learned a cutting mat does not double as an ironing board. Ugh.
My guys still need eyes, noses and stashes. But I'm pooped so they'll have to wait.

 Don't get alarmed! I am not an alcoholic. These have been collected from a friend....who is also not an alcoholic, he just actually drinks. I plan on turning them into a trivet. Another project I intend to wing. Wish me luck! After all the Christmas madness I may be able to supply my own bottle caps.....

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