Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Although I am not normally a supporter of this ridiculous commercial holiday, I thought it would be appropriate to make something "lovey" in its wake.


 XO Pillow
 Dimensions: 12"x16"
Sewn and quilted by me!

I chose to bind this pillow rather then pipe it as I learned I'm not the expert piping maker I thought I was. I think the binding gives it a finished look. I used some random scraps I had plus purchased Valentine prints to create it. I'm very glad I decided to go pillow vs wall hanging. It allows it to be more interactive!

P.S. my boyfriend is you didn't get an Arrested Development Valentine's Day Card.
This year, as every year, I'm choosing to celebrate what its really all about, love. Not the candy, cards, jewelry and men bashing its know to become. You can have way more fun hugging and kissing then you can overindulging and arguing any day. Plus it costs nothing and is good for you!!! Make sure you give your loved one a good squeeze and tell them how much you really love them this Valentine's Day. I know I will ;)

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  1. The pillow is fantastic!! The texture and print looks great together! Happy Vday!