Thursday, June 12, 2014

Its Been A Loooong While

Hey everyone! I'm surprised you are all still here. I'm not really keeping my resolution, but oh well. Its hard to make promises like that and I knew you'd all understand anyway! Right?!?!?! I didn't really go anywhere, life just sort of happened as life normally does. I don't want to admit that it was laziness so let's just call it a hiatus. ;)

There is a lot to share as its been, ooohhh, 5 months or so since my last post. But the anticipation only makes it that much better! I'll just pick up like I never left off.

I finally finished the baby quilt I was working on for our newest family member. She was born in April and her name is Giavanna. Such a cutie!

And since the last post I bought something.....something BIG.

I just couldn't pass it up! I love it! It makes the quilting process so much easier and faster. No more sore shoulders or days and days of quilting. I'm actually not using it as much as I like, but it probably just means I'm not sewing enough.

I finished my Spanish Tiles quilt on it though. Figured out how to do woodgrain FMQ!

I also made this...


and working on this...

I am sure there are plenty of things I missed. And I PROMISE to share them when I come across them. I just bought the backing, a sheet, for the quilt top so I'll hopefully be quilting it soon! Yippie!!!! Thank you to everyone who has held in there with me. Your support is very much appreciated. To my family and friends I'm still alive. And to the blog-o-sphere you'll be hearing more from me!!!


  1. Ohhhh! I love the rainbow triangle one! It's great to see some of your new work :)

  2. i've been out for a bit, too. not 5 months, but maybe a whole month. hee hee. no worries! glad to see you pop back in. wow have you been busy with that new longarm! how fun for you and what great projects you've made already. i think the woodgrain is an awesome choice for your tiles quilt. the mariner's compass is pretty amazing, too. well, it all is - especially your new little niece who is even cuter than the adorable quilt you made for her. happy sewing!