Monday, November 26, 2012

A little something special

So I was a little nervous about my first post. How'd I do??? I guess I was more nervous to hit that post button and put myself out there then anything else. Its amazing the power a little button can have over you.

Anywho...I thought I would just roll right into the awesome sewing craftasticness!

As a crafting/sewing junkie I find that 99% of the time I am making for others. The moment someone is wrapped up in a quilt I've made for them or is daily using a bag I've sewed especially for them, it makes my heart do kart wheels!  This is why I do what I do, to make others feel happy and loved.

Meet Auntie Mary.

Isn't she so cute!  She is 92 years young, sharp as a tack, and the sweetest woman I know. 

My Grandmother passed away when I was a very young girl and I never got to know her.  But my Auntie Mary swooped in as the best stand in I could have ever asked for!  Being my Grandmother's older sister, she took on the role as proud segregate Grandmother serving up double doses of love and "homemade" pies.  She never sends me home without something sweet, lots of kisses and a magical fiver which, unbeknownst to me, somehow finds its way into my shirt or jeans pocket .  When we go up north, my family always makes a point to visit her for a cup of tea and a chat.  Her house is still one of my most favorite stops! And its not because of the cookies or change, but because of the way she squeezes my face and in her Eastern European accent calls me her baby then asks me if I've eaten something.  Because she is so absolutely wonderful I made her this!

It's a thank you for all she's done and continues to do for me.  Now it can love her as much as she loves me.

Make sure you give your Grandparent/Grandparents an extra long hug next time you see them.  I swear it will bring a little sunshine to both of your days!


  1. Great post! And great quilt... I like your use of pattern!

    1. Your work is amazing! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! You are the first!

  2. Genuine love spoken here by you for your Aunt! Thank you for sharing your heart and the quilt you made for her::):):) Hugs!!