Thursday, August 29, 2013


 Summer is almost officially over! I honestly can not believe that we're at the end of August already. But have no fear, around here August did not go by idly. I wasn't about the waste a minute!

Remember this quilt?!?! Well I actually quilted it. Finally. I rented some time with my longarmer Janet and was able to quilt this baby on the long arm machine myself! Pretty freaking sweet right?!?! Janet stayed late with me on Saturday to finish! Took me 2 days and 10 hours, but I did it! She was so nice to make time for me after having been in the hospital a couple weeks prior. No worries though, she's doing much better now!!! Thanks again Janet!!!! You are amazing!!!! I can't thank you enough!

I was so happy to finally finish the quilting. Now all I have to do is trim it up and attach the binding and its ready to go!

Its actually for a bed that doesn't exist quiet yet. I was going to wait to unveil this bit of information, but we're moving. That's right, moving out of hellish New Jersey and into beauteous Utah! I suppose that's why I have been a little distant from the internets. So much planning and getting ready to do. My brain is in warp drive.

I have never moved before, well, once into college, but that doesn't count. This is a little bit bigger of a move so I have some apprehensions. One thing being what to take and what to leave? We want to bring as much as we can, but as little as we can at the same time. If you you know what I mean. I started refinishing some pieces of the furniture I inherited from my Grandfather that are coming with. They are in really good shape and super cute! But, someone decided long ago that mustard was a good choice. Ehhh... I think not. I'm going to try to strip and sand them down as much as possible then using Allison's advice try and repaint them black. Wish me luck!

And if that weren't enough, I've also started another quilt, a HST project (from Swoon scraps), a costume and stitching my granny square hand bag together. Seriously, my crafting ADD is out of control. I just think I'm trying to keep my mind occupied so I don't worry about the move.

Even though we may be at an end to summer we are at the beginning of a new and exciting adventure. And to be honest, I can't wait! Have any of you moved cross country?

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  1. i distract myself with projects, too, every time i have to travel and pack. ugh! moving is even worse. i hate moving!!! we moved 20+ times in the first 8 years we were married, so i have a complete aversion to it. we've been stationary for 10 years now. i'd really like to build a custom home, but every time i think about moving & packing, i want to throw up and decide to stay right here. good luck!