Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Last Week


Figured out how to start double knitting using You Tube. Oh, how I love the internet :D

Helped fix the shed with my Dad.

Finished this frame purse, with an enlarged version of this tutorial.

Made this one as a gift using the same method only bigger still.

And also made this pincushion using no tutorial, which I should have. Looks way easier to make then it actually is :/

Then I took a Blacksmithing class at 3rd Ward in Philly with my buddy for her birthday.

Had some Ben and Jerry's! Right out of the container of course. Mmmmmmm!!!!

Fed our friendly squirrel pal. He loves stale crackers and Skippy.

O ya and I totally finished the Spanish Tiles quilt top and backing!

All of this with a 40 hour work week, I guess you could say I was pretty productive! If only I had energy like this all the time!

1 comment:

  1. Your creative variety is astounding! Blacksmithing?! Wow.
    Ben and Jerry's should only ever br eaten straight from the container. Why else would it come in such small containers? :)
    Spanish Tiles =awesome!