Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Local Quilt Shop Day

Mark your calendars! January 24th is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day! And in honor of this prestigious day I would like to share my favorite local shops.

I can't pick just one since there are a few I haunt :) My three favorites are Quilted Treasures, a "Gem in the Pines", The Little Shop, and Sam's Fabric (which isn't a quilt shop per say but they have a huge selection of novelty, dots, stripes and Kona cottons.) Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the Little Shop, but here are the two I go to most.

I love supporting small businesses! Without them we would only have mainstream conveyer belt type mega marts that have no soul! Sorry.....but yea I really love my local shops. Its always so nice to go in and chat with the owners, poke around, and get some really great buys. These places have turned into a home away from home and I'm sorry, but you'll wont get that at the "you know what mart" fabric department.

So get out there and SHOP LOCAL FIRST!

You can learn more about this wonderful day and join the blog tour telling all about your local shop over here.

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