Friday, January 25, 2013

Scrappy Ring

Soooo after reading this super sweet post about the 6 minute circle I knew it would be the perfect technique to complete another project I had in mind. But, I would have to modify it to get the "ring" I so desired.

After doing some research I came across this tutorial which allowed me to do this.

I managed to do some paper piecing as well, first time! I wanted a scrappy look but with perfect symmetry. That was just about the time I started cursing myself for not paying more attention in high school geometry class! But after some figuring and ruler work I finally had a plan of attack and commenced sewing like a mad woman. I even missed dinner I was so into it! The hardest part was the last seam to finish the paper pieced ring. The whole process definitely took longer then 6 minutes, probably because I used regular paper for templates instead of freezer paper and paper pieced when I didn't know how. But I did it and I'm proud. I might even think about making an entire quilt with these blocks......hmmmmm.....I'll have to go to Shop Rite first for that freezer paper though....

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