Tuesday, January 1, 2013


With the new year I have decided to take on some "resolutions" if you will. With the hectic season of Christmas over now is the time to really get back to what I love....

I have not finished a quilt in almost 6 months. Which is bad even for me. I have started a lot of things but have not finished any. There are piles of half made blocks all over my sewing space. It is getting to be a little uncontrollable. It is my goal to finish what I have started last year, this year! Which means no new projects! Ugh.....so hard to say.

And the whole not finishing things goes for all areas of craft especially knitting. It is my soul goal to get better at it and finally complete a project.

The other night I started this. I have been seeing the Herringbone Cowl all over. Christie from OCD made one which really spurred me to try it.

Being a crocheter before a knitter, I instinctively hold the yarn and tension in my left hand, Continental Method. But after about 20 minutes, my hand cramps, it gets super painful to hold and I start dropping stitches which normally for me means ripping the whole thing apart and starting over. This is why a picture of said Herringbone Cowl that I stared is MIA. Sad face.

But eureka!!! I finally figured out how to knit using the English Method, which means holding the yarn in your right hand, and boy has it made a huge difference. My hands don't hurt and the tension is just right. I can go hours knitting, which is fantastic! I decided not to restart the Herringbone Cowl until I finish a cabled neck warmer I started 2 years ago. That's right 2 years. Here's what I have so far. It is my first cabled anything with a pattern I made up myself.

Thank you Jenn for my sweet new stitch markers! Much better then earrings....and much safer then safety pins.
I'm also not going to buy any new yarn until I finish up what I have which might mean making some other cowls first....mainly the Honey Cowl. I really love this pattern :) Here we go again.......

To new beginnings and endings, I hope your new year is filled with excitement and productivity! Happy New Year!!!!!

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